Click Bait

Was there a memo that went round the clickbait authors for which style of picture to use for certain things?

Currently there is a run on a few types of financial clickbait – one about PPI, one about mortgages and one about credit cards.

The PPI ones are, I think, the most irritating purely because a lot of them use a picture of an incredibly smug woman holding up a letter of some sort and pointing at it. Even through the medium of a photograph you can tell that this is a woman who would get on your tits. She might not mean to come across that way when her picture was taken by whatever stock photo company has her picture, but it sure as hell does. And she is not alone in the holding up paper – when it comes to PPI it’s all just people holding up paper that may or may not be financial in nature and pointing at it. And the clickbait says something like “A great way to find out about your PPI” and then it has that red circle on it that everything on the internet has to have these days. A circle that implies something is hidden in plain sight and that you’re stupid if you can’t see it, and obviously you know what it is but why not click this link anyway just to check you’re right?

Credit Cards, meanwhile, are targeting people who took out cards between specific years. And to illustrate this, they have a woman with natty hair. Sometimes they have a woman standing by a cash machine (which, incidentally, is THE worst way you can use a credit card), but mainly it’s just a close up of a portion of a woman’s face. And some natty hair.

And then the mortgages – again targeting people who may have taken out a mortgage between specific years – is all bearded hipsters. They look like they should be dining in the cereal café, not worrying about a mortgage they took out in 1998. Hipsters don’t have to worry about things like mortgages – even if they have one – they just need to sit back and relax, letting their beards grow luxuriously while they make their own clothes out of bean sprouts. If it was something about the price of beard oil, then yes I can see why a hipster would need to be included. Or some sort of hat tax. But mortgages don’t phase them.

And then the larger question arises – why are there so many stock photos of hipsters? It’s not very often you see the same bearded wunderkind on any two pieces of mortgage-based click bait. There’s a wide range of them. All staring off into the middle distance. Probably thinking about whether a waistcoat made from their own hair would be itchy or not.