Class Issues

I read a news story yesterday, and it’s surfaced again today, which – I’ll be honest – is totally baffling me.

The story concerns a Christian family who have taken their son out of school because a boy in his class is now identifying as a girl and this is leaving their son drained, and making him ill.


How though? I mean, the parents say that the child is coming home tired and not even possessing enough energy to go skateboarding. And going to school is making him ill.

But how does that stem from a classmate now identifying as a girl?

What is it about another child now wearing a dress that’s causing this other kid to become so tired? I genuinely can’t get my head round it. I mean, it almost sounds like the parents are just using this an excuse to explain away the fact that their child is acting in this way, but hey, what do I know.

If you read the story, there’s a bit in it in which the father – having previously said that the presence of a transgender child in the classroom concerns him – goes on to say that a child of six couldn’t possibly understand what gender they are supposed to be, and that the school shouldn’t be allowing this, and certainly not without some kind of consultation with the parents. Or, more specifically, with two particular parent with a stick up their arse.

So, if a child of six couldn’t possibly understand the concept of being born into the wrong gender (something which I would argue is complete bollocks) then how can another child of six be getting so stressed about it? Children’s reactions come from reactions of people around them – it sounds to me more like this kid is shouldering the parent’s prejudices and it’s that which is then weighing on him when he should just be going to school to have fun and eat glue.

Plus, you can always tell the tone of these stories when the headlines drag religion into it from the get go. It’s as if, as you write news stories, you have to declare the religion of the people complaining as if that, in some way, justifies their actions as curmudgeons. You know, because religion.

Even though, the story goes on to say, they don’t have a problem with the transgender thing.

As long as it’s kept far away from their children because it exhausts them.