Looking for a job does not bring out the best in me.

I think that’s in part because all the high-falootin’ job sites that boast thousands of jobs don’t actually carry thousands of jobs.

There are some. And then there are what amount to adverts cunningly disguised as a potential job, but then you notice that they have astronomical salaries and it turns out you’ve run out of jobs to apply for and are now firmly in the middle of the endless sea of “franchise” opportunities.

Or the product tester and reviewer ones that offer you free things for just signing up with a website that’s not in any way, shape or form any sort of con job. Not at all.

Maybe I should apply for a job cutting those adverts off the end of the job adverts.

I can add that to the list of jobs just after the one working for the Hairy Bikers checking all their recipes use the ingredients listed and/or list all the ingredients. Who can forget the carrot-heavy pasties which feature no carrots, or the something-or-other and cheese that doesn’t, at any point, tell you to add the cheese that you have weighed and grated.

I’m a couple of weeks in to this job hunting thing and if I’m honest, it’s not going well. There is not a lot that is capturing the imagination. I know it’s my fault because I have left everything too late and, believe me, I’m mentally kicking myself about that at every opportunity, but I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m applying for a job because I need to rather than because I want to.

I ended up venting my frustrations on a batch of bread dough this morning. Kneaded it for all it was worth, I did, after a quality hour of flicking from web page to web page to see what I could find…

I have a few ideas.. some of them are dangerously close to Carole, though.

I better talk to her about that before I do anything about it.