More Misunderstandings

There’s obviously a lot of this misunderstanding stuff going around at the moment.

Not only are we misunderstanding the date of the end of the world – where September means October – but we’re also misunderstanding anything that Donald Trump tweets, or says, with regards to the absolute destruction of North Korea don’t actual mean anything. It’s all just diplomacy in action. And we, the common people, are fools to think of it in any other way.

You know, like a declaration of war and all that jazz.

But then, when he then says about sacking people who disrespect the US flag he means that. Not that they are in any way disrespecting anything because the principles behind the flag are built on the freedom of speech. Saying that is like saying that Rosa Parks was protesting about public transport.

But hey ho.

The best bit of the take a knee thing is that Trump is adamant that the people who choose not to stand are in the wrong. But the white supremacists who marched with their Nazi flags a couple of months ago, he needed to take time to understand the story before he could say anything about that. And when he did he said there was blame on both sides.

But then, this all draws attention away from the North Korea thing. He’s like a dog that barks at you, snarls and growls but as soon as you go near it runs away and hides under a table. All bark and no bite.

Not that he did anything that could be construed as an act of war.

Not until that Saturday in October, at least.