National Poetry Day 2017

It’s National Poetry Day again
So once again it’s time
To write a silly blog on here
And do it all in rhyme.

Last year the blog I wrote
Was about Kim Jong Un and cheese
And how the weight made his ankles snap
And tumble to his knees.

But this year it’s a different theme
That occupies this post
Filled with rhymes about the news
Well, not full but more than most.

Hugh Hefner left this mortal coil
Playboy, his legacy
A magazine of naked girls
But the articles drew me.

Meanwhile Trump rambles on
About the sportsmen on kneeling down
He’s angry about the whole damn thing
The orange, angry clown.

Now Steven Seagal has waded in
To give us his thoughts on this
He’s risked a lot for the American Flag
But surely he’s taking the piss?

Has he confused his films with life
In harm’s way he has been
But mainly straight to DVD
Occasionally, big screen.

He’s not happy anyway
His flag being disrespected
Except that he’s now Russian, guys
Apparently he’s defected.