Why Q?

As you will know, if you read this blog occasionally, we fight an almost constant battle with the Sky Planner. This is mainly because there are a lot of things we like to watch – most of them together, but the odd few things are solo shows that suit only one of our needs.

At the moment, thanks to the barren nature of the summer schedules, the planner is reasonably healthy. That’s about to take a turn for the worse with the return of Modern Family, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Flash, Elementary… you get the idea. It’s going to go to hell in a handbasket is what I’m saying.

But as much as the state of the planner befuddles me, I’m not sure I could ever enter into a relationship with Sky Q.

I mean, yes, it’s all ultra HD and sexy looking. And you can watch your recordings on your phone or tablet. But it’s like the Pandora’s Box of recording media. Except in this case you’re putting things into the box not letting everything out of it.

You can record 1000 hours of stuff.

One thousand hours. If you fill that up you’ve got yourself over forty full days of televisual treats to watch. Why even dangle that carrot in front of anyone? Part of the reason our planner gets to the state it gets is because every now and again we enjoy a binge session of a show – which means we have to record several episodes before we can watch it. We’re literally just watching Season 5 of Arrow, for example, that we started recording about ten months ago.

I couldn’t be trusted with 1000 hours of available space.

I can’t be.

And then there’s the other feature which, I feel, is more redundant than one of those stickers you can reseal a “share bag” of chocolate with.

You can record six channels while watching a seventh.

Have you ever, even at your most TV focused, found yourself in a situation where you had seven shows all on at the same time? And then, more to the point, with the abundance of +1 channels and the fact you can download stuff On Demand when you miss it, even if you did have seven shows on all at the same time do you even need to have them all at the same time?

It just seems like a pointless addition. But then, if you’ve got 1000 hours of recording space to fill, what better way to do it than by recording six shows at once. Just because you can.

I will admit that the “press a button and your remote beeps” feature is quite appealing though.

Because someone I know, a friend who shares the same name as me but is a different person entirely, spent quite a long time looking for their Sky remote on Friday lunchtime because they had, at some point, put it in the kitchen for some reason.

About forty-five minutes, to be precise.

I’m glad it wasn’t me…