Spied ‘Er

Our shopping delivery came this morning.

And we got a complementary spider included with it.

I know that I complained the other day that Sainsbury’s hadn’t – and still haven’t – sent us this chocolate that suicidal dogs are ripping into like crazy things, but I’m not sure the inclusion of an arachnid with our shopping order really makes up for that.

Sadly, it was not a “quick, ring The Sun!” sort of spider. It was just a common-or-garden house spider. So a common-or-house spider, I suppose. It was just hanging out by the eggs. I saw it almost instantly and remember thinking that I didn’t really want to unpack the spider with the rest of the shopping.

Not because of any abject fear of the eight-legged beast, but because I thought if I transferred it to that washing basket I use for transporting good from the door to the kitchen there was a chance I might crush it with another item of shopping. And no-one, whether they are arachnophillic or arachnophobic wants to find a smushed spider on their groceries. I don’t want to be zesting a lime, say, and find that I am zesting the crushed corpse of a mini-beast.

But when I looked into the delivery tray again, the spider had gone.

It hadn’t completely gone, of course. What I’d done was unpacked it. I had taken the spider from the tray and placed it in the basket. Unknowingly. But still, if you don’t speak up when the delivery is made, you can’t send anything back. I was, basically, stuck with the spider.

I must say that I preferred it when we were being given those Lego cards, or at Christmas when we got a free Panettone. Or even when we weren’t sent this chocolate that the dogs like. I’m not sure that delivering spiders with your shopping will catch on.

I can’t even really complain to them. Because I don’t know where the spider is any more. I lost track of it after I got it off the egg box in the kitchen. It could be anywhere. Making a web that will make the light fitting look untidy. Or something.

Maybe it’s Sainbury’s way of getting your house in the Halloween mood. Maybe next week they’ll deliver a ghost. Or a witch.