Table Top To Table Bottom

It’s been a while, because Carole’s cousin Daniel has taken to living in Austria and spending his time hiking up and down mountains, but when there’s a chance for a games night, we’ll take it.

Especially when you’re in ass-kicking form.

I won some games.

Which is brilliant.

We’ve lost the book we keep the year’s scores in, though. So I don’t know if I’m catching up with Daniel or still trailing away at the back of the pack – if three people makes a pack, that is.

But still, a win is a win. And I smashed it out of the park with Takenoko and a quick round of the ridiculousness of the Sherlock Holmes game where you have to solve terrible – in all senses of the word – crimes.

That game was picked up by Carole for 50p at a car boot some time ago. We’ve played it on-and-off, but have only played the first four or five cases. But they’re ridiculous. They really are. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of all time, everyone knows that, but the cases people take to him in this game are ridiculous. I mean, they are.

The gameplay finds you, as a coloured bust of the detective himself, moving around a board however you see fit and visiting a number of different locations which leads to a clue in a book. Some of the clues are statements, others are ridiculous hints at a syllable which makes up a part of the motive or whatever.

The one we played tonight – which, I don’t know if I mentioned, I won – was solved (by me, natch) without ever finding a clue which pointed to the culprit. That’s how good these cases are. You can be happily poddling around the board getting snippets of words and then you stumble into one location where, more-or-less, the whole crime is spelled out for you in a sweeping statement.

Which is pretty much what happened to me. I was off headed back to Baker Street while Carole and Daniel were still searching. And they had found far more clues than I. Maybe I’m just a natural detective. Or naturally suspicious of people in general. Who knows?

Still, a win is a win.

What happened after that is very much not a win. But no-one needs the details of that.

I lost everything else that I came into contact with.

It was almost as if the natural balance of the universe caught up with me – having not had a games night for quite some time, we’d obviously caught it unawares.

It was good while it lasted.