The Snooze Quiz

radioI went to bed last night having spent several (most) hours of the day engaging my brain in all sorts of design tweekery as I took to redesigning my blog, popping graphics onto my YouTube channel and generally giving my online presence a bit of an overhaul.

As a consequence of that, I was unable to get to sleep for quite a while. My brain was firing off all sorts of ideas all over the place, I was hung up on one particular detail of something, and I had headed up the stairs to Bedfordshire (as people who want to get punched are prone to say) planning what I was going to do tomorrow. Or today, as it is. Some of which I haven’t actually done because I’d entirely forgotten about it until now when I just started typing about the things I was going to do.

I probably dropped off to sleep somewhere between half-one and two in the morning. Which is, for some reason, becoming my de facto insomnia-based sleep time. So when Carole’s many, many alarms went off this morning I’d had around about four hours sleep. Less if you take off the time for being woken up by cold paws or the unexpected appearance of a cat seemingly dropping out of thin air to knock all the air out of my body.

So, naturally, I took this to mean that I probably wouldn’t get back to sleep. Carole was going for a run, so in my head I reasoned that it was pointless to try and get back to sleep because before I knew it she’d be back from her jaunt and waking me up with all the stealthy stuff she does in the bedroom in a morning so as not to disturb me. Like talk. And dry her hair.

I reached over to my phone and popped on the iplayer radio app. I thought I might as well take the opportunity to listen to last week’s, having not done so over the weekend.

I heard, I think, two minutes of it. I definitely remember the teams being announced. And, possibly, the first funny news clipping.

Other than that, nothing. Carole told me, this evening, that she could me listening to the radio this morning, and then the sound of my snoring drowning out Miles Jupp’s acerbic barbs.

I have lost count of the number of episodes of radio shows I have only heard subconsciously. But it’s a lot.

It’s also, curiously, how I have seen every Alien film with the exception of Resurrection. I have never managed to stay awake through any of the first three.