jigsawMy mum can be summed up in three hobbies – jigsaws, crosswords and Sudoku. Since she had her stroke she can’t remember how to do Sudoku, is just starting to get back into crosswords and has had more than one accusatory thing to say about jigsaws.

Before the stroke, mum was doing a super fun jigsaw of Tutankhamun’s casket surrounded entirely by black. Solid black. With not a single deviation across the entire thing. It is, quite possibly, this very jigsaw which brought on the stroke because she had been doing it – or trying to do it – for quite some time and was becoming more and more frustrated with it. Since her release from hospital in May, she has not revisited that particular puzzle and it remains rolled up in a green baize prison for when she’s feeling particularly masochistic.

She has dabbled, though, with other jigsaws with varying degrees of success. She’s tried a few different ones to get her eye in, as it were – a Minions one I bought her for Christmas which is a little bit too complicated for her at the moment, and a selection of charity shop bargains which Carole has found her.

One of them is, at present, on our table in a state of incompleteness.

We’ve taken custody of this particular puzzle because it’s one that mum has tried her hand at, but which she quite quickly wrapped said hand in. She has, since that time, claimed that there are considerably less pieces contained within the box than there should be and, as a result of that, how could she ever be expected to finish it.

Rather than sit and count the pieces, or take my mother’s word for it, we have brought the jigsaw over her to indulge our inner pensioner and try and get it done. Just so we can prove mum wrong. Yeah, in your face, person who has had a stroke. Pah!

I happened to be walking past it this afternoon and ended up spending something like an hour just picking bits of sky out of the box. Not even assembling things. Just making piles of colours. I didn’t set out to do any of the jigsaw. It just happened. Like when people kill and they say the voices made them do it. It’s exactly the same sort of thing.

Aside from the killing part.

For now, anyway.