God Of Hammers

hammerWe went to see Thor Ragnarok today.

Hands down it’s one of the best movies of the entire run of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s brilliant. It’s got action, it’s got more action, it’s got a banging soundtrack and it’s funny as a funny thing in a funny competition. I have a theory as to why Thor Ragnarok is so much funnier than the previous Thor outings – aside from the fact that something upbeat (even in the face of the Goddess of Death) is needed before the doom, gloom and general destruction of the Infinity War – which revolves around the fact that people didn’t really realise Chris Hemsworth could do proper funny until he was in Ghostbusters. I’m probably wrong, but I can’t remember pre-Ghostbusters Thor being so funny in the first few minutes of any movie as he is in this one.

What’s not fun about seeing Thor Ragnarok is that we arrived at the cinema around about forty minutes before the film was due to start. It’s not the earliest we’ve ever been for a film – we once arrived so early that the cinema wasn’t even open when Carole misread the times that the film was on – but it was close.

We were allowed into the screen though, which was nice. It just meant we were sat there for about thirty minutes before anything happened. And by anything I mean any other person entering the room, let alone any music playing or things on the screen to occupy our eyes.

Which gave us plenty of time for Caz to do her seat-checking routine, in which she inspect seats to find the cleanest one for her to sit on. She does not, you see, enjoy a film half as much if she’s sitting on a dried stain from someone’s overpriced cinema food and/or beverage. She only checks her own potential seat, though. The ones adjacent to her, and thus one I may choose to sit in, remain unchecked. And I don’t look because one Carole has found a seat to her liking, as Goldilocks would, it does not do to upset the flow of the universe by pointing out that it looks like Jackson Pollock has designed the upholstery using what I hope are condiments and not excreta.

I like an easy life.