OAP With A Boat

So, there I was, in Huddersfield this morning just waiting for someone to arrive so that I could get into work and begin my super fun day of locking people in a dungeon and watching them escape.

And as I waited a man went past me on a mobility scooter.

Towing a little wooden trailer.

Behind which was another little wooden trailer.

And on that trailer was a model of a battleship adorned with poppies.

Now. I am all for commemorating troops lost in the wars, and on the whole I do enjoy looking at models of things.

I just don’t expect them to go past me on the back of a mobility scooter. I mean, I don’t think anyone does, really. Plus, in the wrong hands, those things are lethal – in one of my old offices you had to be careful as you stepped out of the door, in case a passing granny wagon was hurtling past with no regard for people exiting buildings.

So adding a long tail to the back of them is just asking for trouble.

Although it does slow them down. As you would expect when you’re towing a battleship.

I assume that it had something to do with Remembrance Sunday, given that the were plenty of poppies on display but it wasn’t immediately obvious. But I wouldn’t be surprised, in all honesty, if he’s a regular feature in Huddersfield – like the guy who shouts at windows – and the poppies are just unintentionally adding a poignant tone to it.

Now I think about it, no-one else seem particularly phased by it.

Maybe this is what you miss when you don’t go into Huddersfield town centre on a Saturday. We’re a Premier League town now. Maybe that’s what other Premier League towns do. Maybe in Liverpool there’s a guy on a mobility scooter towing a model of the Beatles. In Manchester it’s two scooters – one with Liam and one with Noel on, and they are never allowed to be in the same area.

Who knows?