Breaking: Old Woman Doesn’t Do Thing

There was a lot of faff and hoohah leading up to this past weekend with regards to the Queen and her role in the Remembrance Sunday activities. Even as someone who has only a passing interest in the activities of the Queen and co, it’s hard to miss it when it is everywhere…

It was revealed, fairly early on, that she would not be laying a wreath at the cenotaph this year, choosing instead to observe proceedings from a balcony with Prince Philip, who retired from public duties this year. Prince Philip is 96 years old. The Queen is 91.

The hoohah came about because it was an unprecedented move and that nothing like this had ever happened before. And so, because of this, people started looking at the implications that this move could have, what protocols would be followed and how it would change things.

All the while overlooking that the whole situation was unprecedented because up until now, we have never observed Remembrance Sunday with a serving Monarch of 91 years of age. Anything that the Queen or Prince Philip do, or don’t do, due to their age is pretty much an unprecedented step. It doesn’t need column inches in every newspaper and in-depth analysis on rolling news networks presented by Royal Correspondents who think that are better than all the rest just because they report on Royal things.

All it needs is to acknowledge the fact that the Queen and Prince Philip are not – and will never be again – spring chickens.

It’s the same as all the faff surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It’s unheard of, it’s unprecedented. It’s this, it’s that. They’ve been seen holding hands and they’re not enganged. This is a Royal faux pas. On and on and on. And that’s before you get to anything concerning the Ms Markle’s race or prior marital history. Both things seemingly getting people up in arms because it’s not fitting with years of tradition.

While there is a lot to say about tradition. There is also a lot to say about moving on. People complain that the Royal Family is an out-dated institution and that it should be removed or changed. And then when things do change, people complain that it goes against tradition and that it shouldn’t be like that. It’s fairly obvious that the William, Kate and Harry triumvirate are going to be doing this differently. They already are.

Change is good.

Especially if that change involves letting a 91-year old woman take a break from carrying a wreath down a London street on a cold November morning.

No matter what the Daily Express might think.