Sweet, Sweet Nectar

Today’s been one of those days where you unexpectedly discover you have nearly sixty-eight pounds of Nectar points that you didn’t know you had.

In other words, absolute bloody win.

Carole and I have lived together for over ten years now. For most of that time, every time we have shopped at Sainsbury’s we have used a Nectar card to collect points. When we are together, or when it’s an online shop, we use the card in Carole’s purse. When Carole picks anything up she uses her card. When I get anything, I use my card.

For the past ten years, I have believed – apparently wrongly – that our cards linked to the same account. I don’t remember ever getting a Nectar card off my own back prior to starting my relationship with Carole. The only loyalty card I had – or so I thought – was one for Game because, well, duh. Of course I would have that. I’ve had that since I was at University. Any other loyalty card, though, I have scoffed at and avoided like the plague.

So when the hell did I get a Nectar Card?

But whenever I did, I have been using it religiously for everything – whether it’s a small purchase or something larger I’ve been beeping my card through the checkout and collecting the points. And I have thought that these points have been contributing to previous Christmases and other exciting things like new irons and clothes airers. Things you begrudge paying real money for, but it’s it’s bonus money you’ve earned along the way then it’s all good.

But no. I have just been amassing a mound of unused nectar points which I have been resting atop like a dragon on a mound of gold. And I only found out because I was trying to get a voucher for some money off to show up on this week’s online shop and it wouldn’t. Which caused investigations and comparisons and bewilderment.

And I still don’t know when the hell I got a Nectar card? I guess it’s not a memorable event anyway, but you’d think I’d have had a vague idea that the card I’ve been using or presenting when Carole can’t find hers, with a jovial “here, use mine”, wasn’t contributing to the  same account. I feel as though I have betrayed our shopping.

How many other loyalty cards have I got that I don’t know about? I know I was strong-armed into a Holland and Barrett one once when I bought some malt extract.

But I mean, what do I do if I have a – shudder – Boots Advantage card? I think that would be the final straw.