Ice Twice Baby

I’d booked the shopping to come at an ungodly hour this morning. There are a variety of reasons behind that decision, none of which actually came to pass today. So I could have booked it for later and had a couple of hours more in a nice warm bed instead of testing the temperature levels around the house and banging the heating on for several more hours.

Carole was going out, though, so I thought I would be helpful to her and de-ice the car, because she hates doing it. I mean, you wouldn’t know she does, because she almost never mentions it, or brings up the fact that when we used to go to work together I would quite often de-ice the car for her. Almost never. Honestly, I think even if you asked her about it directly, she would just shrug it off. It never, ever comes up.

At the time, it was a good ninety minutes before Carole was setting off, but I seeing as I was up and still waiting for the shopping to arrive, I headed outside (no coat, just a t-shirt because I am well ‘ard) and began the fun and not-at-all tedious process of removing the ice from the windscreen.

To be fair, it was quite a thin layer of ice. It moved quite easily. There have been times over the past week when I’ve heard Carole outside scraping at the ice and it’s sounded like she’s cutting wood because it’s been so thick. And on those mornings I’ve just burrowed a little further under the duvet and gone back to sleep.

But there I was, scraping away. I broke out the log scraper that dad bought for Carole a while ago but, I think, has remained unused. It has a scraper end and a brush end. It cost something close to a pound. And it’s ace. It means you don’t have to lean across the car and freeze any of your delicate areas while you’re getting to all the areas of the windscreen. And you can brush away the dislodged ice dust with a flick of the wrist.

I was so impressed with it, I upgraded its status in the car from “in the boot” to “somewhere in the front but not sure where because it doesn’t really fit”. It’s probably back in the boot now, but I tried.

So I did all that. And it was cold. It was not t-shirt weather. But, as I say, I am hard. And I cleared the car of ice. And I returned inside triumphant. And then the shopping turned up. So I dealt with that. And then I told Carole I had de-iced the car and she was thankful.

And then she still had a while to go before she was leaving.

And the bastard car froze up again.

I mean…