Short Notice Sitting

There’s nothing I like more, while lying in bed at about 8 in the morning, than to be on the receiving end of a bellowed question regarding your ability, at short notice, to entertain your niece all day.

Especially when you’ve had a restful night’s sleep and were looking forward to a bit of a snooze and a casually easy day.

You find yourself in a state of forced awakening. Any dreams you had of lying in bed until the 9.30 alarm went of have been cruelly dashed and, to top it all off, you have no ETA for the package other than it’s likely to be “soon, so you should get up” – the final words from the mouth of my beloved (while she still had a voice) as she skipped out of the house this morning.

One thing I learnt today, above all else, is how bad CBBC is these days. I mean it’s not as bad as Nickelodeon, or Nick, or whatever it calls itself these days. But it’s pretty damn bad. And yes, the exposure to Nick was also today. It was Nick for lunch – some show that has Arianna Grande in it which was a “hilarious” bloopers show today without one single laugh, and CBBC this afternoon.

The crucial thing to take into consideration for both of these things is that I would normally have been watching Bargain Hunt or The Hairy Bikers Christmas followed by the actually really awful Money For Nothing. But it’s very hard to get an eleven year old interested in things like that. And, apparently, easier for a forty-year old to appreciate the subtle nuances of Raven or Sam and Cat. Or something equally terrible that had someone I know in it which was interesting but didn’t really help make it more fun to watch.

To be fair, Raven is something I am more than familiar with from years ago and that’s pretty much as it was, but everything else was just rubbish.

Aside from that it has been a day of board games and video games. But in very short attention friendly spurts. Like just long enough to set up a board game but not long enough to play it a second time, or even consider playing it a second time. And keeping insatiable appetites out of all the Christmas crisps and other things that are lurking in a cupboard awaiting the festive season.

But hey, I survived. And I think I’m probably able to call in a favour from her parents at some point. Like, say, if I need someone killing I think I could probably ask them and if they try and refuse just casually remind them of the day I spent with their daughter at exceedingly short notice…