Blog Writer ANNOYED By Pointless News Story

Apparently, in a world in which Donald Trump has decided, solely, on a nation’s capital, the Deputy Prime Minister has stepped down for having watched some porn on his computer nine years ago, a car has driven into pedestrians in Australia and a cabinet enquiry has decided it’s ok for a Minister to ask his assistant to buy sex toys for him, it’s considered newsworthy that Carol Vorderman (creator of Sudoku) has had a go at Coronation Street on Twitter.

She’s said it’s all gloomy and not funny like it used to be.

And, for some reason, that needs to be reported on online news. Literally just the fact that Carol Vorderman has said Corrie is miserable.

But, of course, it needs to be accompanied by a huge picture of Carol Vorderman in a small dress, looking like she’s had to use two warm spoons to get her boobs in place just in case we’ve forgotten who Carol Vorderman is.

Although, for the purposes of this particular story, she’s just someone who watches Coronation Street and doesn’t find it as funny as it used to be. Which it isn’t. It’s probably not been funny since Curly and Raquel, to be honest. But now Carol’s picked up on it things are undoubtedly going to change!

The thing is, soaps in generally are bloody morbid affairs at the best of times. EastEnders, for example, set its stall out early by having the opening scene of the first ever episode involve a funeral procession. And just because funeral contains the word “fun” it doesn’t mean it is. And seeing as we are now getting into the Christmas period all the soaps are just going to be wall-to-wall mistery culminating in a superbly cheery extra dose of doom and gloom on Christmas day.

Carol Vorderman won’t be the first person to slag off Corrie on Twitter, and she won’t be the last. I just don’t understand why it needs a story writing around it. I mean, it doesn’t. That’s the upshot of it. It doesn’t need a story creating which says nothing and has to be padded out with a massive photo. But it seems to be the way internet news is going – small fluff pieces on anything that moves – you know how much I love the stories the Daily Express runs on its website about Antiques Road Trip or The Chase, all written by people who have no idea how pre-recorded television works and trying to make a story, complete with capital letters in the headline, sound more exciting.

I just wish I didn’t always end up seeing them!