Turkey Hat

It’s only a couple of days until Christmas, so I festived it up a bit at work today by greeting teams of Riddlers in my Christmas hat. Now, this isn’t so new because I’ve been wearing my Christmas hat for the past couple of weeks to inject a bit of festive cheer into the proceedings. A nice red santa hat with obligatory white fur is everything you need to make someone feel a bit more Christmasy.

So today I mixed it up a bit.

I changed my hat.

For one that’s a turkey.

I mean, that’s Christmas right there, right?


It’s been quite entertaining to see the reactions of people as I’m basically lurking in the doorway waiting for the teams to arrive. I have had double-takes, laughs from across the street and one amazing black guy who just went “You gotta rooster on yo head!” A girl broke off her phone call to tell me she loved the hat.

It was a magical time.

This evening, as I was waiting for a team to arrive, I was waiting happily in the doorway. I was leaning on the doorframe and watching the world go by. Our escape room is off the main road through Huddersfield town centre on the way to the bus station. What this means is that quite a lot of the time there are buses on the road waiting to turn into the station.

And tonight, a bus stopped and three people on the top deck took a picture of me in my hat.

I’m not sure how I feel about that… I’m now one of those people that other people take pictures of when they see them in a town centre. You know, a weirdo…

Damn it.