Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I don’t want to make a big deal of this but…

I’ve only gone and bloody found myself in first place on our Games Night leaderboards.

Last night was the last Games Night of 2017. When I say Games Night I mean the triumvirate of Daniel, Carole and myself. And, admittedly, the Games Night tournaments are a lot more sporadic since Daniel jacked in teaching in the UK and buggered off to Austria to walk up mountains and sell cakes in a bakery. But every time he comes back to the UK he ends up sleeping over here one night and giving the board games a run for their money.

And, usually, he wins.

And this year he hasn’t.

He didn’t even come second.

He came last. Which is where I usually am. Because I suck at games, apparently. My strategies cause Daniel no end of stress. Today, as we had the final games of the year and sealed his fate as loser of the world, he started shaking his head at the way I was playing Ticket To Ride. Apparently I don’t play it right. I make it obvious where I am going. I leave myself open to being blocked. At one point he purposefully didn’t block me because he thought it was cruel.

Yeah, he was using sympathy moves.

The thing was, though, the game didn’t even count. We’d already decided the challenge by then. Daniel wanted it to count, because he could pull himself from last to joint second, but Carole and I over-ruled that and called it a friendly. Just for fun. And, apparently, if you’re playing just for fun you should still play to win. And not just play Ticket To Ride with the vague hope you can join your cities up without someone shafting you and blocking a route.

Which is totally how I played it.

Play it.

Almost all the time.

I mean, on the odd occasion, I am amazing at the game. But most of the time I suck balls. I can usually guarantee last place so I just mess about. Which is even more fun when it annoys the chuff out of Daniel. If I can annoy him enough his concentration will break and booom… Jakey for the win.

I mean, that’s clearly what happened this year.

Because I destroyed him.

I just can’t believe that this year is the first we don’t have a bloody trophy.

It feels like all my efforts have been for naught.

Well, naught apart from the intense feeling of smug satisfaction.