The Resolutions

Okay, I suppose I should do this. I don’t really hold much sway with the whole New Year’s Resolutions because I generally don’t find too much excitement in the changing of the years. It doesn’t really do anything for me. New Year’s Eve is, for me, one of the most boring days in the year and the evening seems to go on for ages before you’re disturbed by an endless run of fireworks for about an hour after midnight.

But 2018 has to be better than 2017 and 2016 and… well, you get the idea.


  1. Read more. As already discussed, I’ve not really read anything in ages. So we’re back on a 100 book challenge for the year. One book every 3.65 days. Let’s do this thing.
  2. Be grumpy less. Hahahahahaha. Yeah, this is the hardest one. Because I am a miserable bastard when I put my mind to it. Or even when I don’t put my mind to it. I can be miserable at the drop of a hat. So, no-one drop hats.
  3. Cook more. I pretty much came into my own with the cooking thing last year, but this year I want to do more of it. And things that I haven’t done before. I’ve mastered bread – let’s face it, I’m bloody amazing at the bread thing. But I want to dabble in lots of other yummy, scrummy things.
  4. Make videos and do game streams. I have the kit to do this. I’ve had the kit to do this for ages. I just never seem to do it. I have dabbled over the past twelve months, but I’ve not really made much of an effort with it and always seem to find an excuse as to why I shouldn’t do it on a particular day. And most of the excuses are crap.
  5. Be more creative. This ties in with number 4, really. I am a coiled spring of creativity. But when I’m coiled I just uncoil myself in a manner which produces nothing because, you know, excuses.
  6. Not murder anyone. You’ve got to add one thing you’re pretty much going to be able to do. This is my safe bet. I’m reasonably confident on that. I should at least be able to make it out of January without breaking this one…