Over Ear

There are many issues associated with bus travel.

It is considered quite low down on the evolutionary chain of travel. It does, after all, carry the nickname of the peasant wagon because the people on it are assumed to not be in a position to own or operate a car and are instead reduced to traveling the local streets in a communal box, listening to each other’s conversations.

And, if you’re really lucky, enjoying the music emanating from someone’s phone.

I have, for the past few months, been extremely lucky when it’s come to bus travel. I’ve been traveling outside of the main youth times, so I haven’t been treated to whatever the kids of today listen to being played out of a tiny speaker. The closest I’ve been is when I looked after Niece McMaoam the other day and she kept playing music through an app where people can lip sync and generally annoy you in a variety of different ways. I fought back by putting B*Witched on YouTube, which she branded as rubbish and made me turn off.

I know, right?

Anyway, my bus rides had – until today – been music free.

And then this evening I was treated to a baffling mixture of screamy rock and, well, Adele.

The thing is, I don’t think I – or anyone else on the bus for that matter – was supposed to be.

The music was coming from the phone of a Chinese man who sat near the front of the bus, with his headphones in. And, seemingly, his headphones were also connected to the phone.

But somewhere between the two something wasn’t right. Because all the music he was listening to, and presumably thinking it sounded a lot more muffled than he was used to, was coming out of the phone speakers. The earbuds residing in his aural cavities were serving no purpose whatsoever. Apart from, if anything, deadening the music from the phone.

I mean, I assume that’s what must have happened because at one point he turned up the already quite loud music into the realms of stupidly loud.

But, and this is a sign that I must have changed, I found the whole thing hilarious. Where once I would have been silently fuming in my seat, rolling my eyes at the whole affair and wishing that a hole would open up and swallow them and their bastard music, I was just laughing to myself.

A lot.

Making me look weirder than the guy listening to his music through his headphones without the music coming through his headphones.