I’ve added a new resolution to my list from the end of last year. It’s quite a toughie, but having thought about it I think it’s the most healthy way forward. I should have started it at the stroke of the New Year, but it’s taken me until now to really realise that it needs to be done.

I’m cutting Trump from my life.

Last year I read almost everything about him and the ridiculous stuff that he says, does, promises and lies about. He really is just an awful, awful man. A clueless idiot who cares about ratings more than anything else.

And no amount of stories about him are going to change my opinion of him. They’re just going to reinforce it, if anything.

I think I relied on him too much last year. He allowed me to vent about his ridiculous antics on this very blog. And I could cringe when I read a story knowing I could use some of it here, for whatever reason.

But no more.

I am cutting him out of my life.

Which is not as easy as it may seem. Because he’s fucking everywhere. Like an omnipresent wotsit. He’s in every story. Even if the story isn’t about him. The lunch time news, for example, had a story about North and South Korea meeting and having a chat. He managed to get mentioned in that. He’s just everywhere. Like a fart in a spacesuit, there’s no avoiding him.

But I’m going to try.

The way I figure it needs to be done is that I have to stop myself reading articles about him. I cannot be drawn in by headlines or whatever. I can watch things which may or may not bring him up – The Last Leg, for example – but I can’t then research what they have been talking about to bring some context to the amount of fuckwittery they have just described.

I have to assign Donald Trump to the same dingy hellhole as the Daily Mail. Both of those things, then, will make me feel dirty if I encounter them. That feeling usually dissuades me from reading anything the Mail may have to offer. I have to go into it with the mentality that I’d rather be caught watching, looking at or reading porn in public that being found to have read something in the Daily Mail.

So if I apply that to Trump then it should be golden.

No pun intended.