Pros and Cons-bate

I’ve been looking at Probate today, for things of a grandmotherly nature. When my dad died, we got a man with all the speed and panache of Lurch off of the Addam’s Family to sort out the probate and it took FOREVER. And then some. In the parlance of children attempting to one-up each other, it took Infinity +1 to get sorted.

And then they didn’t send all the stuff back straight away, we had to chase for everything.

So we don’t have a good relationship with probate dealings.

So I looked into doing it ourselves, because I have the time to spend pouring over forms and filling out the tiny details that are needed to get these things sorted. And while it seems perfectly doable, it’s clearly designed to put you off as much as possible.

Everywhere you look – apart from the website for the proven Do It Yourself Probate Kit which you can buy from a totally honest looking man on a YouTube video – says that you’re welcome to apply for probate yourself.

And then they all set out to fill you with fear.

The webpages may as well have a header that says “DEATH WILL COME TO THOSE WHO ENTER HERE”.

You get warned about missing this, that and the other. And how if you do one thing you have to make sure you do another otherwise all your livestock will be taken away and killed and a pox will befall your family.

I might be slightly exaggerating, but clearly when they wrote all the guidelines for the process, the person in charge was massively depressed and wanted everyone to know it. And the best way they could think to express it was through passive aggressive warnings throughout a ridiculously long and fiddly document.

So yeah, we’re getting someone to do it again. Bugger it. It’s easier. And then they’re paid to do stuff properly and not sitting around a kitchen table in the wee small hours trying to work out the tax payable on something or other of little or no value.

But now the next challenge becomes working out why neither of the two scanner/printers in my dad’s office seem to scan or print anything (unless I adjust the colour to a lovely purple). I was trying to put that off as long as possible, but I know my mother and if there’s one thing she loves it’s a copy of every single thing that leaves the house.

And then a copy of that copy, just in case.