Fifty Two Shades Of Soup

I think I’ve mentioned before that we are doing a couple of cooking-based “challenges” this year. Challenges is totally not the right word for what we’re doing, though, as none of it is particularly challenging. They are, I guess, just activities. Weekly activities to stretch our field of culinary comfort. Yeah, that’ll do.

So there’s the baking one, which has seen me make bread (obviously) and be glued to a worktop by maple bar dough.

And there’s a soup one where we’re aiming to make a fresh soup every week because fresh is good. And soups are good. And easy. And a joy to make.

So far we’ve done a delicious tomato one, and a fart-inducing run at curried cauliflower and red lentil soup which combined with a vegetable casserole in the same week saw the house become a danger zone for anyone with lungs and/or olfactory senses.

This week is a hearty mushroom and potato soup. I don’t even like mushrooms that much, but I’m taking one for the team in the pursuit of niceness. And it has a lovely brown stock which I’m only slightly convinced doesn’t just come from the inherent muck on the mushrooms. But anyway, it’s going to be mushroomy. And we’re going to make it.

We were going to make it this afternoon, in fact.

But it turns out that the person in charge of finding the recipe and making sure we have all the ingredients for said soup was having an off day.

That person, incidentally, is me.

It’s a mushroom soup. It uses mushrooms. Mushrooms are a key component to the soup The main one, really. Mushrooms have top billing. Sure, there’s a potato in there as well, but really it’s all about the mushrooms.

So, yeah, I forgot to get them.

Which makes it a little bit hard to make a mushroom soup.

I mean, technically I only forgot half the mushrooms because I managed to get some dried porcini ones. I think I was buoyed by the excitement of buying fungus outside of my usual comfort zone that I completely overlooked the fact that we need a shed load of normal mushrooms to make the soup mushroomy and not just a very small quantity of previously dried mushrooms floating around in a stock with some small bits of potato.

We’re only three weeks into the soup thing. I can’t be dropping massive clangers like this so early on. There’s a reasonable chance that as we move through the year the soup complexity will increase. And I’ve shown I can’t even deal with two types of mushroom in a  professional and level-headed way.

I think we’re in trouble.