Missing Day

One of the things you notice when you watch police procedural shows on the ol’ telebox is that people, when accused, can provide an alibi for their whereabouts without a second thought. Obviously that’s hugely scripted because it’s a show. But even so, I imagine that stuff like that does happen. Law enforcement people ask other people for their whereabouts and they can reel it off without any issues.

If anyone comes and asks me where I have been or what I have done today I am more-or-less shit out of luck.

I can’t actually account for my day today. I’ve done a couple of things – went to Tesco, watched Bargain Hunt (obvs) – but other than that I have no idea how I have made it to the evening.

I know I’ve spent some time talking to mum about the nonsense of sorting out funerals and registering death. We need a medical certificate to register my gran’s death, but nothing exists as yet because the doctor has been too busy to sign anything or do anything in relation to it. We have an appointment for tomorrow to register the death, but that now hangs in the balance as we thought we’d get the paperwork today – or that it would at least be ready and we could grab it tomorrow – but that appears not to be the case.

But, again, that doesn’t account for all my missing hours.

It makes no sense.

Clearly I’ve been abducted or something. It’s the only answer.

I mean, it’s probably not the accidental nap…