Enoughin Puffin

I made Puffins tonight – the culinary cross between muffins and pancakes. They’re also not to be confused with duffins, cronuts or any other sort of baked good mash-up.

And they were really quite nice.

Which is surprising considering the fact that the recipe I used set out to completely screw me over from the get go.

What I ended up with, rather than fluffy golden brown pillows of loveliness was a collection of well-done offerings covering the full gamut of the over-cooked shade chart all the way to charcoal.

It’s one of those things where I should have realised as I read through the recipe. I remember thinking, as I lit the oven, that the temperature seemed a bit high but I soldiered on regardless. And then when it came to the halfway point where I was supposed to spin the baking tins round to make sure they cooked evenly you can imagine my surprise as everything was done.

Nay, overdone.

I hate it when stuff goes wrong in the kitchen. It shouldn’t do. Because a recipe is just chemistry at work, and I can do chemistry.

But then when you’re working off a duff set of instructions, then the chemistry goes out of the window completely and you end up with a tray full of burnt puffins.

And I’m not saying that the loss of the puffins – well, loss would imply we didn’t eat the least blackened ones – has hit us hard but the muffin tins are being disposed of as well. Like everything that the puffins had touched was cursed and needed to be cleansed, blessed and otherwise rid of any bad juju.

And actually all it boiled down to was a typo on the temperature of the over – Gas Mark 8 instead of Gas Mark 6 – and a huge overestimation of the cooking time required for the things in the first place. Had I left the puffins for the full 45 minutes stated in the recipe we’d have been eating little crunchy lumps of charcoal with some maple syrup sauce on top of them.

What it has done, though, is completely screw up the #52bakes we’re doing because I can’t post a blackened offering to Instagram. We’re going have to double up a bake week.

Damn you puffins!