Quantum Leap

So, time travel, huh?

Once the domain of the science fiction genre, time travel has now made itself newsworthy because someone who claims to be a time traveller from the year 2030 is making a series of claims with regards to the future. But just vague enough that anything can be interpreted as being correct, because to reveal details would put his life in danger.

It’s been widely reported that this time traveller has passed a lie detector test. In some articles it’s mentioned that he PASSED the lie detector test, just to really hammer home the fact that this shit is going down right here, right now.

I mean, if you watch the video then “passing” the lie detector test isn’t quite what happens. What happens is he says a thing and then there’s a ding noise and the word true appears on screen. Which is dramatically different to actually doing a lie detector test. You never see the equipment he’s connected to, or any of the calibration required to begin such a test. You see none of that. And, throughout it, he’s fiddling with the things attached to him – again, not something you do during a lie detector test because you’re supposed to remain calm and still so as not to skew the readings.

Basically, if I said it was bollocks I would expect to hear a ding and the word true to appear somewhere near me.

As far as concrete facts that he’s come up with go, he’s fairly thin on the ground. He’s saying that Trump will win the 2020 election, but then so is Trump and I don’t think he’s just appeared naked in a time bubble and demanded a biker’s clothes and motorcycle.

The thing is that now this has come out, Trump will be over the moon. An actual man from the future who can tell him all the great things he’s going to do? It won’t be long before he’s squirreled away in the White House, feeding the President titbits of information which will serve to stroke his ego in a variety of ways.

But that won’t be the real reason that The Donald would be interested. If anything he’ll be really wanting to get his hands on that lie detector, especially as it seems entirely impervious to bullshit.