US And “us”

It’s nearly the end of February and I’m already feeling the frustrations at myself for making this blog a Trump free zone this year.

But I have to stick to my guns (albeit a poor choice of words in this case). I can’t break my own rule however much things that are happening might annoy me. Or, more correctly, things that are suggested might annoy me.

Instead I’ll focus my ire on Piers Morgan because he’s a different entity to the Donald, albeit one with his nose firmly up the arse of America’s first orange president.

Piers has, this week, taken a swing at John Oliver for using words like “us” and “we” when talking about Americans. John Oliver, you see, is British. He was born here. And therefore, Piers postulates, he shouldn’t be using terms that imply that he is American.

He’s lived in America for ten years. He has an American wife. He holds a green card. He and his wife have an American son.

When you’ve lived somewhere for a good while I think you are allowed to say “us” and “we”. Immigrants to our country say it, but that probably doesn’t annoy Morgan as much because they’re not also throwing heaps of abuse on his current choice of nose warmer.

That’s not to say it won’t annoy him at all. I imagine if Piers had his way any black or asian family where, say, the parents came from overseas for a better life here would be monitored and at the first implication they were British a model of Morgan would burst forth from the furniture and shout “NO!”

My sister lives in Scotland, and has for a good while now. She’s Scottish as far as I’m concerned. Her roots might be in Yorkshire but her trunk and branches firmly exist in Scotland. And I’ll tell you what, I’d love to see Piers Morgan say she couldn’t say “us” or “we” when talking about the new recipe Irn Bru or any of the other major events in Scotland.

What makes it more fun is that Piers Morgan chooses to use “us” and “we” when discussing his beloved football team.

I was unaware he played professional football. But it’s ok for him because he’s not being mean about Trump.

He’s just being a prick.