Do You Want To Catch A Snowflake

The Beast From The East took a bit more of a bite today.

We, here at least, don’t have a particularly impressive covering of snow but it’s been snowing on and off all day and – during the brief hour or so I had a shift at work before the customers cancelled it – I wasn’t looking forward to having to go out in it.

But the Beast actually caused more distruption earlier this morning, after Carole had set off for work and I decided to maintain my core temperature by not moving from under the duvet.

As I lay and sort of drifted between semi-awake and that sort of insta-dream sleep where you close your eyes and are immediately in some sort of slumberific dreamscape, I could hear a nose. A thudding sound. I couldn’t immediately discern where it was coming from. I knew it was out of place and part of me was almost sure I should investigate it further.

Another part of me was happy to let whatever it was carry on and continue to enjoy the heat cocoon in which I was currently snuggled.

Which is more or less what I did.

Although I was able to ascertain the source of the thudding during a period of consciousness.

Basically and, I think, adorably Peppa was on the bedroom windowsill, behind the curtains. And she was leaping up to try and catch any snowflakes which hit the window. And, judging from the thudding, she was getting some decent air. For nothing, obviously. As the snowflakes were on the outside of the window and she was most definitely on the inside. But it was lovely.

I mean, I assume it was. As I said, I didn’t leave the comfort of the bed to investigate further and even if I had I’d have pulled back a curtain to find Peppa looking at me with that look that says “What? I am doing nothing! Nothing!!” I wouldn’t have caught her mid-leap. In fact, I’d probably not even have caught her on the windowsill at all as she’d have just popped out from behind the curtains and pissed off without letting me have a look in.

If it’s going to snow on and off for the next week or so, plunging the whole country into more and more chaos and, possibly, snapping off Scotland like an icicle in the process, then hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities for Peppa to leap about on the windowsill like a loon.

And Trixie, as well.

Because it would be cruel to keep a cat outside in this weather and any responsible adult would bring her in under the circumstances.