Slightly Obsessed

I’m not saying that the escape room bug has bitten us hard again, but after doing the two rooms yesterday we ended up spending the evening playing through three free scenarios of a board game style escape room game called Unlock!

We’d played Unlock! before – the tutorial and the free demo at least – not long after it came out, but I’d noticed some time ago that there were some more demo adventures out there to have a go at. So we dutifully printed them out, and cut all the cards down to size and left them on a shelf for ages.

But yesterday we finally got around to playing them. And our unbeaten streak at escape scenarios continues apace. Not that it would have counted if we’d failed any of them, but it certainly counts if we succeeded!

And then I decided to finish my playthrough of The Room which is an puzzle game available on a variety of different platforms and offers a decent heap of very well crafted puzzles, a fair few of which just wouldn’t be possible in the real world. And that’s brilliant as well.

And then I started The Room 2 because… well, The Room finishes on a cliffhanger of sorts, I guess. The story is very much not over by the time you reach the end of the first one, anyway. And the second one picks up where the last left off. And, so far, it’s just as good…

But the way we know we’re slightly obsessed this week is that we’re off to Disley on Thursday to have a crack at their Pirate Ship themed room. It’s very exciting for a number of reasons – a) we have no idea where Disley is, other than it’s below Manchester somewhere, b) it’s in the middle of nowhere, essentially and c) it’s a ninety minute game.

That must mean there is an absolute shed-load of stuff to do because the ones we’ve done before have crammed a huge amount into their hour so if you’ve got an extra 30 minutes to get stuck in then there’s got to be a lot of fun and frolics.

In fact just reading the reviews makes me wish we were going tomorrow and didn’t have to wait a whole day longer… I mean, we have to feed coins to a parrot for clues.

I love it already!