We set ourselves a goal of doing one escape room a month.

It got to March and we hadn’t done any – okay, we had done one but that was testing one at work so it doesn’t count. Although it totally counts when it comes to the ongoing win streak we are currently enjoying.

March is the third month of the year, so by the end of this Month we should have done three rooms to hit our one a month target.

Although doing all three in one week is probably taking it a little bit far.

It was the turn of the third room of the week today so we waited for the snow to melt and Carole’s heart rate to return to normal (she does not cope well with snow) and headed out to Disley for a 4pm booking in their Pirate Ship.

I’d had a quick look online at the reviews for the Disley game, and everything was positive. Everything. It’s a room that the owners – Graham and Jess – built after they’d done four rooms. This was a couple of years ago. They’re up to over 60 now, so I can’t wait to get my hands on The Lost Tomb and the up-coming Vikings rooms because if they built the Pirate Ship after only having done four rooms, the mind boggles how awesome the others are going to be.

Because holy hell, it’s super fun.

And because you have to pay for clues with coins, and you only have a couple of coins to play with, you have to be very selective with what you ask for help on. We asked for help on two puzzles which, as soon as we got a clue, were just obvious enough that I left wishing we hadn’t asked but also glad that we had.

I mean, it’s safe to say – clues and obviousness aside – we did pretty well in there. Our games master told us that we were probably the most impressive team of two he’s seen. For  a ninety minute game, we got out in sixty-two minutes. We were like puzzle-solving machines. We’d find a puzzle. We’d read it, we’d ponder on it, we’d go and find another puzzle, we’d ponder on it. We’d go back to the first puzzle we found and just solve it. Bish bash bosh. We’d both read something, say, and hearing the other person say something out loud was the jumpstart you needed to get your brain going.

Even the dreaded maths riddle that all good rooms should have – the one that can divide a team by slowly destroying their spirits with incorrect answers – fell to our cunning and intellect on the first try. We were Rachel Riley good at that one. We were amazing. Genuinely. It was a really good moment because I have seen a puzzle similar to that one drive people insane and  still revisiting it some thirty minutes later.

But there was just so much good stuff. So many nifty touches, and everything stayed on theme throughout the whole game. It was just… it was bloody brilliant. So to the people who suggested we give Disley a try I say thank you. It was well worth it.

Yes, there are the failed attempts at being able to count things which I will gladly kick myself for on a regular basis – things which, if we cared about such things, might have seen us edging closer to the bottom of the leaderboard. And the dreaded looking for things which always seems to be our downfall, despite a solid start involving checking each other’s work to make sure nothing was missed…

But, anyway.

I’d have done The Lost Tomb straight afterwards if I could have… but I think three in a week is just about right.

Now we just need to work out where to go in April…