Other Mother’s Day

I think it’s safe to say that we managed to confuse the bejesus out of my mum today. All her days have blurred into one over the last couple of weeks as she’s been snowed in and going stir-crazy at home (with a trip out to a funeral in York) and generally lost track of where she is.

We visited today because I’m working tomorrow so a Mother’s Day trip is off the cards. So we went and dropped off a card and pressie, did a few bits and bobs and then headed home. I have plans to go over next week and sort some stuff out and what have you. It’s all good.

At some point this afternoon, though, mum seems to have thought to herself that she hadn’t opened her cards yet. And so she gas. Which is something and nothing. Mother’s Day is a pretty much made up day and we’ve seen that advert with Denise Van Outen and her pals all saying “…and because you’re a mum I’ve bought you this…” to each other. Which makes it even more of a bollocks day than before. That’s not how Mother’s Day works.

Anyway, mum has then decided – as she’s lost track of days – that today is Sunday and starting changing her bed and all sorts.

Luckily she’s taken it in good spirits, despite undoubtedly fighting with her duvet for over an hour, unnecessarily.

To be fair, it’s not the first time she’s done something like this. She once took me and my sister to the dentist a week early. We couldn’t even blame a stroke back then.

Since the stroke, she’s confidently strode into the centre she visits for various stroke meetings and sat down to listen to a guest speaker. She was there on entirely the wrong week for a Stroke Association meeting and ended up having to sidle out of there as inconspicuously as possible.

Which is to say, not very.

In a way, though, her latest mix-up works quite well. I like to think that by confusing her this morning somehow making her believe today to be Sunday l, what I have actually done is give her an entirely job free Sunday!

I’m the greatest son in the world!