There are many things which make living in Huddersfield a unique experience. Whether it’s the fact that you can, on occasion, watch people walk through the fountains outside the train station and massively misjudge the timings or the man who shouts at windows Huddersfield really does have it all.

And when it comes to St Patrick’s Day, why should we wait until the actual day. Not for us hanging around until next Saturday.

Today was the St Patrick’s Day parade. In fact it was the 18th year of the parade. I don’t know, throughout its 18 year history, how many have been on the correct day. But judging by the fact this one was almost a week early, I’d guess at not very many.

I happened to be working today and so was treated to more-or-less the entire parade while I waited for some customers who were late because of the aforementioned parade. A parade, incidentally, along closed roads but which still observed traffic lights.

The parade basically consisted of lots of people playing various musical instruments, all at once, spread across a variety of different open-sided trucks.

Each musical truck was trying to compete with the one immediately before or after it. None of them where playing the same types of music. It was just awful. All the sounds blurring into one loud noise of extreme unpleasantness. And every now and again there would be a group of young children with pom poms.

It also wasn’t particularly Irish. There were four girls doing some Irish Dancing. But even that was half-hearted (although half seems overly generous) and you never saw Michael Flattley doing all that while holding onto pieces of a truck in case you fell over while doing it.

But other than that, and some people holding some Hurling, erm, sticks (Bats? Spatulas?) it could have been a parade for anything.

There was a Huddersfield Town truck – obviously as Irish as they come, as I’m sure you’ll agree – but that seemed to be manned by people who wouldn’t have looked out of place in the crowd of a darts match. And they too were making music as well. Because nothing, for me, represents the town’s passion for football that a man playing a guitar.

And when it all had all gone past and I thought everything was over, I got to enjoy it all over again as it went past me once more but with the added attraction of a Mayor.