Snow Delivery, Sorry Guys

We got a call yesterday morning from Sainsbury’s saying that they wouldn’t be delivering our order. Which was all the more amusing because I’d purposefully booked it for the Sunday afternoon because I figured by then all the weather issues – if there were any, bearing in mind I booked it in the middle of last week – would be over.

Which they obviously weren’t.

Although by our chosen delivery slot, a decent portion of the winder wonderland had returned to its base form and was trickling into drains along the street, so you could argue a delivery was entirely possible.

When they rang us, though, we were just “Yeah, we thought that would happen. No problem” about it all. We had pretty much predicted that we wouldn’t get any shopping or were working on the assumption that we wouldn’t. So it didn’t come as a massive shock when it happened.

And then in the afternoon we got an email saying that they were very sorry for the cancellation which, I assume, was sent to everyone because they really didn’t need to send it to us as we were totally fine with it.

But, I guess, there are people out there who aren’t. Because people like to piss and moan at other people when they get a chance. I bet that the team tasked with ringing customers and saying that their orders were cancelled just relished that job on a Sunday morning. For every one with a response like ours, I suspect – having worked in jobs were you had to ring the general public for various things – that there were a plenitude of complete arseholes.

There will have been some who rely on the shop coming at certain times, of that I have no doubt, and they have every right to be angry or upset. But, I bet, would also have been very understanding with regards to the conditions which weren’t that conducive to anything first thing on Sunday morning (much as it pains me to say it!).

But there will have been people who will have been kicking off just because they could. I reckon those poor guys on the phones will have had all sorts of things thrown back at them. Starving children are always a safe bet. What are they supposed to do for lunches, and things of that nature. How can I survive without a bag of fresh gnocchi. That kind of thing.

And there’s us. Just giving it the whatever and saying we’d reorder for during the week.

Although if I’d known I’d have to input everything and couldn’t just go to the now cancelled order and copy everything I’d have kicked off big style! I’d have told them that they could not under any circumstances cancel our order. Not if it involves me effectively doubling my shopping workload for the week. How much time do they think I have on my hands, eh? Disgraceful. Bloody disgraceful.

Only joking. It was fine. It took less time to do the second time as I could ditch half of what we were getting because those days had already gone. If nothing else, this burst of snow has saved us money in shopping this week, forcing us to eat things we – shudder – already had in the cupboards, fridge or freezer.