I’ve been pretty much off Facebook for quite a while now.

Life is actually a lot better when you’re not thinking about how to share it with 300-odd other people who don’t really share it with you in the flesh, so to speak. That’s not to say that I don’t like the 300-odd people in my network, because I do (on the whole). But I don’t feel the need to check in on them every single day and see what’s what. I tend to pop onto Facebook these days to have a looksee at the Stuck In The Riddle page and occasionally say happy birthday to people.

But with the Cambridge Analytica stuff this week, the whole issue of being on Facebook has become quite the hot topic. Facebook is a hot-bed of data mining potential. You can find out ridiculous amounts about people with just a quick look.

But if you come off Facebook, how will all your friends know whether it’s snowing where you are. Or, more importantly, that you’ve checked in at the A&E department of your local hospital, prompting a barrage of “are you ok?” messages. Or, in a similar vein, that vague status update that people do where they respond to comments with things like “I’ll DM you, babe” and stuff like that. You know, the attention seeking ones. That’s probably the biggest statistic in everything that was taken from Facebook – of the 53 million accounts that were data-mined, 52 million of them had been vague and needy within the last twelve months.

But where do you go if you’ve had enough of Facebook? Twitter is filling up with argumentative arseholes at an alarming rate. But there’s always Instagram.

I love Instagram. I do. I am one of those who Instagrams my meals. So sue me. When I’ve slaved over it, I’ll picture it. Mainly because it’s all to do with the 52 soups and 52 bakes (which have gone a little wonky in the last couple of weeks) but there are other pictures as well. Landscapes and cats, mainly. But still. Instagram is lovely.

But Instagram is owned by the Facebooks.

As is WhatsApp.

And probably countless other things. They’re everywhere. They have their fingers in many pies and their ship is leakier than the Titanic.

I think it’s time we bring back Bebo. Or Myspace. Or Friends Reunited.

We never had these problems then…