I’m not saying that we are both chocolate fiends in this house but…

Well, sod it, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

There have been blogs on this very site which have detailed many Christmases that have passed with us having to buy replacement presents for people because they have accidentally been eaten in a moment of weakness. I think that part of the problem is that we often by confectionary presents for people and these people like exactly the same stuff as we do. If we had friends who loved Bounty bars, they’d get their presents no messing. But a Chocolate Orange? All bets are off.

The same goes with Easter. Easter is a bad time.

We’ve been alright this year. Eggs have not been purchased weeks in advance of the big day, so no temptation has sat before us. Having said that, as I write this I know there are two decent sized eggs somewhere in the house for “the kids”. They will be handed over on Saturday. So they only have to survive for two days. But it’s still a very tense time.

We got an egg each today off one of Carole’s friends.

I don’t want this to sound like we’re super greedy but…

We no longer have an egg each from Carole’s friends.

It turns out, when you’re just chillaxing on the couch and watching a bit of the old telebox, an Easter Egg makes an almost perfect snack accompaniment to the action on screen. If nothing else, Jesus would he happy that his thing with the resurrection and wotnot that led to the chocolate was creating so much happiness.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and a chocolate chaser? Don’t mind if I do, my holy bearded friend.

No further eggs can enter this house. They should be gone from shops by the end of the week. We only need to stay strong for a couple more days.

I don’t hold out much hope…