Easter Feaster

There are, out there in the world, people who love nothing more than to complain about things.

One of the things people like to complain about is the fact that Easter Eggs are available to buy directly after Christmas. It’s like one of the main things people gripe about these days. I suppose it’s because there is a decent gap between Christmas and Easter. I get it. I really do.


It’s to be hoped that the same people that complain about the availability of said chocolate eggs are not the ones who desperately pick the supermarket shelves clean on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It was quite strange, this afternoon, as I nipped in to Sainsbury’s to get some bread (although buying bread feels like cheating) and the shelves were being picked bare by frantic people.

Frantic people muttering that none of the cheap eggs were there any more. If you wanted to celebrate Easter as Jesus would want you to – i.e. with chocolate round your mouths – you had to move up into the next price bracket.

Easter baffles me every year. It’s the one holiday which seems to catch people completely unawares. No-one seems to know it’s coming until it’s practically upon us. People complain about eggs being available so early, but have no idea when they actually might need these things for.

When I used to work in the delightful world of banking, Easter used to creep up on people like a stalker from a bush. The Thursday before Easter would be awash with people needing to do emergency wage payments because it had just occurred to them that it was Good Friday – and therefore a Bank Holiday – the day after. These people ran businesses. Professionally. And yet were caught out by something which is heavily mentioned on calendars and, if nothing else, is prefaced by the nonsense of pancake day and people in the office giving up stuff and constantly banging on about it.

And then after tomorrow it will all be over. And, to add insult to the shelf raider’s injury, there will be countless reduced price chocolate eggs ready available in a variety of shops.

But Easter will have passed.

And the complaining about Christmas things being available can begin.