Ozzy Mum-dias

We’ve been watching “Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour” on whatever channel it’s on. Well, we’ve been downloading it each week and watching it that way, but the principal is the same. And Carole has pointed something out which once revealed cannot be undone.

My mum, post-stroke, is basically Ozzy Osbourne.

It’s uncanny.

A lot of the show is Jack and Ozzy driving around and, generally, Ozzy not really knowing where they’re going, or why. And not really being any the wiser when he finds out where they’re off to. All the trips are planned by Jack (well, mostly) and Ozzy is just along for whatever ride Jack takes him on. Generally he enjoys them all, which is great.

And it’s just lovely television.

But it is pretty much like hanging out with my mum.

Almost everything Ozzy comes out with – “What the fuck are we doing that for?”, and the like – comes out of my mum’s mouth when we’re out and about. And once you have that pointed out for you, you can’t fail to draw the comparison. She’s a bit less shaky. I’ll give her that. But she’s not driven a quad bike into a tree. Although given half a chance I reckon she would.

I told mum about it today. She wasn’t hugely flattered. But even by not being hugely flattered she just lived up to the likeness once more.

Since Carole’s pointed it out it’s hard to take anything my mum says seriously. And the flipside of that is it’s hard not to imagine my mum reacting in exactly the same way to a lot of Ozzy and Jack’s adventures. Because they are basically the same person. Basically, Ozzy Osbourne has addled himself into the same position as my mum, brain-wise. He just has the benefit of working eyes and stereoscopic vision, probably.

Other than that, twins.