April Showers

We’re in the middle of what is turning out to be quite a pleasant little warm snap. Obviously, because it’s the UK, we’re taking it to extremes – it’s tops off, shorts on and planning a barbeque kind of shenanigans.

Two weeks ago we had snow.

How quickly we forget these things.

But no, it’s nice. It’s been nice to be able to put washing on the line for practically the first time this year. It’s been nice to potter round the garden looking at all the stuff that needs to be done before deciding it’s too hot to do any of it and heading back inside. It’s been just a nice warm period.

Obviously now we’ve had it hot, we’re being warned that temperatures are set to fall again. Because we can’t have nice things for too long. It’s not in our nature.

But it’s fairly obvious that the weather is going to take a turn. You only have to look at what we’ve go coming up in the night sky to be able to realise that this entire warm spell is going to end tomorrow evening.

It’s the Lyrid meteor shower over the weekend – reaching its peak in the late hours of Saturday night and the early ones of Sunday morning.

They’re considered the most consistent meteor shower, and if we play our cards right we might be treated to fireballs and smoky trails left behind by falling space debris. In other words, a pretty decent show.

So it goes without saying that the weather is going to go to absolute shit at about, oo, ten o’clock tomorrow night. Cloud will roll in. Thick, thick cloud with no hope of it ever blowing over, certainly not while there’s anything occurring on the other side of it.

Even more so now that I am aware of it happening and fully intend to spend part of the night standing in the garden looking at the sky and muttering about not seeing anything. Probably while trying to stop a certain cat from getting in the house each time I pop out for a looksee.

Not that there will be anything to see. Just clouds. Lots of clouds.

If I go into it expecting the worst, I can only be impressed right?