We’ve recently had the car repaired and it’s changed Carole’s life. Far more than you would imagine for what we’ve actually had done.

Not the oil leak, obviously. There’s still oil dribbling out of somewhere but without spending a fortune to have someone steam clean the engine, and then a further fortune for someone to look for the leak and then an even greater fortune for someone to fix the leak it’s just going to stay that way.

There comes a point when you have to stop throwing money at stuff, and the oil leak is our point. It’s not a huge leak, we’re not paying a small fortune for oil. It’s all good. Apart from the fact that oil leaks out of the car. But then, my dad had a Discovery that oil dripped out of and what he did about it was put a metal sheet down on the drive where the oil dripped so he could wipe it away easier.

Like father like son.

But no, after countless ages without a working passenger door window, we finally have a working passenger door window. What happened, a while ago, is that we put the window up and it made an amazing ping noise and didn’t go up or down ever again. It would slip down if Carole drove through potholes, over bumps, along roads, down dales, over hills, you know more or less everywhere. But it could always be slid back into place and would stay reasonably well.

Then the other day something in the door just exploded. In quite a frightening manner. For no reason. It made a noise that left you wondering how the glass of the window hadn’t shattered and the whole thing hadn’t just fallen down inside the door panel. It was that sort of noise. So we decided we should probably do something about it.

Turns out, it was more or less £400 worth of something. But it has changed Carole’s life.

I think I’d be right in saying that every single day she has driven the car since having it fixed she has had the window down just because she can. She’s finding excuses to put the window down and talk to people on that side of the car. She’s enjoying it far more than you would expect. Especially when, if anything, Carole is the Queen of closing windows when she finds them open (as well as turning on lights when they don’t need to be on and not turning off taps properly).

Every day when she comes home from work part of the car parking ritual, which used to just be sit in the car and send a few texts then jiggle the gear stick a lot to make sure it’s in neutral now includes roll up the window with a ridiculously silly grin on your face. Then send all the text messages.

I assume she texts everyone she knows to tell them she’s home.

Then when I’m in the car with her today (we went for ridiculously nice Sunday lunch at a farm shop) we don’t have the window down.

I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth out of this…