Rose-Tinted Bus Passes

I went to meet an old University friend for a meal this evening, which was jolly nice. It’s always nice to see someone doing as much with their Colour Chemistry degree as I am. Which is to say, nothing.

She lives in Fordingbridge which holds a special place in my heart as, when I went to her wedding, I found myself walking through most of the place having gotten off the bus about a gazillion stops too early.

And, as she loves to remind me, having to walk up a massive hill to get to the B&B that I was staying in. A hill which didn’t look anywhere near as bad as it was in any maps. This was in the time before Google maps and the like. Because had it not been, I would have been trying to find an entirely different way to go. And probably staying on the bus longer.

Anyway, I went to meet her and have a catch up and all was lovely. It’s always nice to see her and we always eat really nice things. Although we had no puddings this time. Which now, some two hours after eating, I am regretting massively.

We met in Leeds because she was working in York and it’s easy to get to. Although next time we’re going to make her come to Huddersfield because it’s awkward for Carole to come along as well and it’s starting to look like she’s just avoiding the visits. Which she isn’t. I hope.

I got the bus because it’s easier in the long run what with it going along the road about five minutes from here. But bugger me, I have not missed the journey. I mean, I will say this, it didn’t seem to take that long. Unless you actually looked at a clock. Because then it really seemed like it took forever. And I used to do that every day. Twice.

I definitely don’t miss it. It’s nice, every now and again, to do it for old time’s sake. If only to remind myself how nice things are at the moment and how lucky I am to only have to go on a twenty minute bus ride these days. Instead of the hour and however long I used to go for, trying not to fall asleep because the heaters are on. And yet, somehow, always falling asleep and dropping Kindles and phones on the floor of the bus with alarming regularity.

Ah, happy days.