NO2 to O2

I’m currently getting a lot of calls from O2 regarding my mobile phone.

I haven’t answered any of them yet. I mean, the fact that I didn’t respond to their text messages asking when I’d really, really like them to call me should have at least given them a bit of a hint about the whole thing.

Basically, my contract is up for renewal. But I don’t want to renew it. My phone works perfectly well. It does what it should do. It’s fine and dandy. No, it’s not the latest model. I don’t have wireless ears or the ability to unlock my phone across a room by winking at it and making clicking noises. But it’s fine.

And for the last two years I have been excitedly waiting for the contract to end because then the handset portion of my bill would be removed and I’d only be paying for the SIM bit of it. And that’s amazing. Because it would be the first time I hadn’t had to ring up and say “hey… can I stop paying for the handset I’ve already paid for please?”

The cynical side of me would question where all the persistent phone calls were then, when they were getting their extra money each month from customers across the country who hadn’t got around to arranging for the plan to be changed. But now that is done automatically and the income stream is effectively halved, if not more, they’re all about wanting to get in touch with you.

I don’t want to talk to them, particularly, because it’s going to be about the hard sell. They’re going to be pushing handsets at me left, right and centre. I don’t need one. The only thing wrong with my phone at the moment – until I post this, at least, when something inexplicable will then befall it – is that it’s the first phone in a long time that I have scratched the screen of.

Normally I’m next-door to amazing about keeping screens intact. But not with this one. It’s also spent the most time in the air, untethered to human hands. But still, I’m happy with it.

I’d like it to get less calls about PPI or work-related injuries (unless it’s “hit forearm with doorhandle” it’s nothing to do with me), but they probably can’t do anything about that.

And I don’t want to take the risk and engage them in conversation, or before I know it…