Final Countdown

We’ve, quite recently, started watched 8 of 10 Cats Does Countdown on what could be called a regular basis. I have previously dipped in and out of the show, but never watched it with any sort of commitment. Now, though, we tend to download the latest episode and thoroughly enjoy it.

And, of course, play along at home. Because that’s what Countdown is all about. Coming up with words and doing maths in a 30 second time frame.

Not that we’d watch the normal Countdown because it’s too, well, normal. Cats Does Countdown is good fun whereas normal Countdown is far too serious. I mean a teapot as a prize versus “boyfriend pillows” shaped like Jon Richardson and Sean Locke? It’s a no brainer.

What we tend to do, is play the words as normal and then just pause the show while the numbers are on so that we can have a go. Which is pretty shameful. Sometimes we can be paused for a good couple of minutes while we try and work out the numbers round. Well, I do alright – still not in the 30 seconds mind – but Carole takes a teensy bit longer. And she’s still in that innocent stage of Countdown where you don’t add or subtract things from the large numbers before you multiply them, so she has a lot to learn.

Rachel Riley’s job is definitely safe!

I’m not saying that I am that much better. I’m certainly not ready for the big leagues. But then, I don’t want a teapot. And I’m not anywhere near famous enough to be on the one with the decent prizes.

Although, I did once walk past Jimmy Carr in Edinburgh, though, and to this day believe that I allowed him to give birth to a joke when he saw me. I hadn’t heard him do the “fat people are a friend of Gregg’s” routine until I’d walked past him.

In Edinburgh.

Eating a macaroni pie from Gregg’s.

Just saying.