More Sofas Of Doom

The problem with working on a Sunday, I find, is that no matter what time you start work you can’t find a bus that suits you.

I was working today, running a room at 3.30 this afternoon. I normally arrive at work about 45 minutes before the game start time. That gives me time to set the room up, run a hoover round, make a drink, test the audio and generally be organised.

I could probably arrive later, but I like being able to do all that at a leisurely pace. No rushing means nothing gets missed. It’s all good.

Today, though, the buses forced me to be really rather early, rather than dangerously close to game time. When I’d set up both my room and Effiena’s room, hoovered, made a drink, dusted our desk and run both audio tests I still had about forty five minutes left.

So I nestled myself on our sofa and read my book for half an hour or so.

We have ridiculously comfy sofas. I would class them as dangerously comfy, in fact. Because as I was reading my book I could feel my eyelids getting heavier. In fact I’m slightly convinced I did actually drift off a couple of times. At least once I did the thing where you dream the words you’re reading and nothing makes sense.

I’m glad, in all honesty, I had the forethought to set an alarm on my phone. Falling asleep was a ridiculously easy thing to do.

Which, I guess, is something to bear in mind the next time I’m snowed in at work. Much better than walking home behind a lot of slippery drunks! Or as good as sleeping in an office can be.

At least its good to know – I guess – that it’s not just our home sofa that has this effect on me.

Either that or I possess the skill to fall asleep wherever I am…