Mastered Card

I’d sort of worked out what I was going to write about tonight, as I sat here at the table with the laptop open working out what services need updating to my new debit card details. A hastily written list on the back of an envelope hopefully encompassing everything I’m subscribed to, a member of or otherwise have ever bought anything for.

It’s a long list.

And as I was working my way down it I started to think how great it would be if your card details could update themselves. After all, we live in a world where we can pay for things with contactless payment. We just need to wave the card near enough to the sensor and we’re all done and dusted. You can even pay for your bus tickets with contactless payment. It’s a whole new world.

Well, apart from the fact that bus drivers insist you hold your card onto the sensor, thus rendering the contactless part of contactless entirely redundant.

But anyway, we live in the future now. But I still have to tell everyone I have a new card.

And then I got to a point on my list where I didn’t have to let them know. They already knew.

Which is entirely what I wanted.

Before it happened.

Now that it has happened, I’m not so happy about it. It scared me.

I sort of get the fact that my iPhone Wallet thingummy knows, because my card is linked to my online banking app and shall never be separated probably. Not that I use it. I just set it up because the fricking thing wouldn’t stop asking me to set it up. And now it just shows me my card every time I want to unlock my phone. I don’t know which is worth.

But then how did Netflix find out before I told them?

What part of my digital footprint crosses the barriers between Netflix and my bank details? Why does it even do that? Is it somehow linked to the Apply pay thing? Is that what it is?

But then why is just that linked and everything else – that also exists as an app on my phone – has had to be changed manually. Which I initially thought was a ball ache. But didn’t give me the willies half as much as this did.

In fact, if I’d looked at my Apple Wallet prior to my card arriving, would it have already changed the details before I had my hands on the physical bit of wand-waving plastic?

It’s alright this living in the future thing. I do like.

I’d just prefer it if they let me know beforehand.

Bloody tech wizards.