Cravin’ Raven

I walked past a couple of guys standing out in the middle of town today. They were sort of strolling about promoting a newly opened comic and associated nonsense shop and also bigging up the hottest date on the convention calendar – Huddersfield Comic Convention, or whatever it’s called.

So there was a man dressed as The Flash. I can only imagine that he was about 97% sweat when I saw him. It was the full Flash outfit from the CW TV show, so thick leather and definitely not what you want to wear on a sweltering day.

They were next to a car painted to look like Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. But, also to look as little like Lightning McQueen as possible as well. You know, sort of like the paintings of Disney characters on ice cream vans – they sort of look right, but also look extremely wrong as well. Part of the problem with Lightning McQueen was it was the wrong sort of car, totally the wrong shape and didn’t have eyes on the windscreen. But hey, they tried.

And then there was another guy who was telling people who would be at this convention. Because BIG STARS are promised.

BIG STARS are not going. Not BIG stars.

Some stars are attending. Sylvester McCoy isn’t because he’s filming something. Sophie Aldred is because she’s quite good for going to these sorts of things and is generally quite nice. And then that’s about it for people you’ve heard of. Then you’re into people who played an X-Wing pilot in the background of Episode 7 and stuff like that.

But I managed to walk past the guy just as he was explaining who one of the stars in attendance would be.

“And there’s Raven…” he said. Dramatically. Now. This could go one of two ways. There is a character called Raven in Teen Titans. It could be her. It’s not her. Primarily because she’s a cartoon. But hey, this is Huddersfield. Anything is possible.

“And there’s Raven…” he said it with a pause. As though his brain was really trying hard to work through where to go next. “… from, erm, Raven.” And then he added, “Obviously.” Because it totally is.

That was it.

Raven from Raven,

Raven, if you don’t know, is sort of a kids adventure show where kids get given daft fantasy-style names and compete against each other to win rings to show they are great warriors. They have to cross high wires, jump into rivers, solve riddles. All that sort of thing. And the main “goodie” is a guy called Raven, who can turn into a Raven.

He’s barely in Raven anymore. Raven ended years ago. It’s recently come back as a reboot and Raven is exiled somewhere and occasionally helps a young girl who essentially does what he used to do.

Raven is a bit bloody niche, is what I’m saying. Even for a massive nerd-fest.

I only know about it because it used to be something you could put on in the background on a Sunday morning.