So Cinematic

Infinity War’s pretty good, huh?

That’s all I’ll say on that one.

Although it has taken waaay longer than I would have liked to get to go and see it.  Things have very much conspired against us when it comes to getting to the cinema. It was only the early arrival of the gas man coming to give the boiler a service that allowed us to go today. Well, that and the fact that as part of the service he insisted on running the radiators for ages so the whole house was absolutely boiling. So it was a joy to go out.

Our screening was pretty quiet. There were about eight or ten people. So it was lovely.

Apart from one of them. Who talked to themselves for quite some time. That was quite off-putting. That and the fact that EVERYTHING he had seemed to be wrapped in some kind of plastic.

From the start of the adverts, there was just a constant rustling noise. And it moved around the cinema, as though it was in surround sound. But it was actually just Russell (which is what we called him) trying out a variety of different seats.

Unusually for us, none of those seats were anywhere near where we were sitting. So we definitely dodged a bullet there – although the room was empty enough that we could have moved to avoid him, at which point he would have moved, and so on and so forth.

Carole treated us to ice cream. Which was ridiculously nice – both of her and to eat. But, obviously, I ended up covered in it. I don’t know why I bother putting on clean clothes, ever. I’d had my t-shirt on for about forty minutes before I’d managed to drip cinnamon and raspberry (separate flavours) ice cream all over it. Where it dried during the film, so that when I left it looked like something untoward had happened to me as the film went on.

And then, as I ate the last spoonful, Carole offered me a tissue to wrap round the tub to prevent drips.

The horse had well and truly bolted by that point.

There was no coming back from where i was. Which was in a cinema covered in ice cream.

It’s hard to be me, sometimes.