I think I’ve developed a super power.

When I went to bed last night, today was totally free of things. I had to get up, do my mum’s shopping order (i.e translate the longest text message mum sends in a week) and probably make some bread. I haven’t made bread in what seems like ages.

I woke up this morning to do all these things. And maybe attack the remnants of the privacy bush with the new spade we lovingly bought (which hopefully I won’t break).

When I say woke up, I mean the second time. Not the first. The first was 5.30 for some unknown reason – tomorrow when I need to get up early I won’t be able to – where Carole and me had long chats about nonsense.

So I woke up ready to do things. Boom. I had work later in the day. It’s magic. I can generate work with the power of my mind. Which could turn into a lucrative money spinner if I focus my powers.

To further test my theory, as I left for work I thought about attacking the bush this evening after I got home.


By the time I got to the bus stop I had another shift.

Genuine super power.

With great power comes great amounts of work, as the old saying goes.