Kanyu? More Or Less, Yeah

Two more Escape Rooms under out belt today. Making the most of a rare day in which I wasn’t needed at work (although, I sort of was as one of my colleagues was all sorts of broken today but she soldiered on) we booked to do a room at Kanyu, near Boston Spa.

One of them, we found out afterwards, is considered to be the third hardest in the North of England, or something of that nature. And it was chuffing hard. Carole didn’t enjoy it, because there was a large portion of feeling thick involved, plus I think the setting – a science lab – put her at ease because science is not a world she is comfortable in. Even though, at the end of the day, the theme of the room is just a medium for giving clues.

We went into bonus time on that one. We burnt a lot of time on one particular thing which was annoying, but even then we were slightly behind the curve throughout the whole thing. Although Bob, our lovely host, did tell us that we would find it tricky as a pair. Which we did. We could have done with more sets of eyes.

That’s not to say it’s no doable as a pair. It totally is, but you need to be shit-hot and on the ball when it comes to quite a lot of it because there is A LOT to do, and when you break it down there’s a relatively short time to do each bit in.

We still did it though. We got out in the bonus time, so it’s not an out-and-out win in the traditional sense, but we still solved it all and only used a few minutes of the extra time. And there was only two of us. And one of us had taken our bat and ball home because science.

It was hard.

But so atmospheric. And maybe overly complicated in places. Or possibly not clear enough when it came to knowing what to do next. But I did enjoy it. I mean, our largest frustration came on a puzzle that, I’ll be honest, I didn’t fully read the instructions for, and so we just ended up getting super cross with that (and each other a little bit).

But hey, it was fun. And to only be a few minutes over on a room that hard is perfectly respectable, I think. So yeah. Let’s go with that.

The other room we did was at the same location. We pulled our classic trick, which is to ask if we can play the other one straight away. We already knew there was a gap, and just as Bob sat down for a chat and a rest we threw out request at him and he was more than obliging.

This room was a lot easier. It was waaay further up Carole’s street, appearance-wise which made her extremely happy and set her at ease right off the bat. There was a little bit of science, which made her groan but nothing that she couldn’t handle.

We smashed that one. We’d have smashed it even better but I didn’t look for something right at the beginning which cost us valuable time.

It was nice, in a way, to be so good (and quick, fourth fastest time) on that room as the earlier one had knocked the confidence levels a little. It was nice to leave on a high. The stuff in the room was pretty awesome and all had a really good feel to it. Again, the atmosphere generated by the room was superb. In fact, the whole place was really atmospheric; themed, as it is, around an African expedition and the secrets thereof.

There’s due to be a third room there sometime at the end of summer. I think we’ll be there to give that one a go as well.

Next week we’re heading back to Disley to tackle The Lost Mines. We loved their Pirate Ship one (and they told us we were the best team of two in aaaages) so it seems like a fitting placed to spend a couple of hours on my birthday.

I think that’s the only one we’re doing for my birthday though.