Happy Bloody Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday, and I will cry if I want to.

But I don’t want to. So it’s all good.

So yes, birthday. Day booked off work. Glorious sunshine.

What’s the best way to spend it? Locked away inside some rooms.

We returned to Disley’s Xtreme Escape room to tackle the second of their two (for now) rooms, The Lost Tomb. When we got there we arrived at the same time as another couple who were doing both rooms there today and then driving to Reading to do another couple. They’d got married on Thursday and so were having a mini-honeymoon of sorts.

They were lovely.

But what’s important to note is that we totally beat them, time-wise, on the Pirate Ship escape room. They’d got 100-or-so rooms under their belts and we’re not long into double figures.. and we totally beat them.

I’d like to think we beat them on The Lost Tomb as well, because we were amazing. Sort of.

We started off proper thick. We are absolutely amazing at not being able to do simple puzzles, and then just pissing through the hard stuff like it’s nothing. But we always have been, and I bloody love that about us. If we hadn’t just missed all the simple stuff when we started today we’d have escaped in under an hour. As it was we racked up an hour and 16 (but it’s a 90 minute room, so it’s all good), which is still pretty good going considering the warm weather contributed to one of the puzzles not working to the best of its abilities and slowing us right down…

Yeah, blame that.

So we did that, and then asked what rooms they recommended around the area.

Which saw us driving down the most pot-holey street in Stockport to visit MoviEscape which, as the name suggests, offers loosely movie-themed rooms to make your way out of.

We’d been told that the Haunted House was the pick of the bunch. So we did it.

I enjoyed it. It was very atmospheric, starting off dark then getting lighter as we went along, as lights came on and went off as they fancied. It was the first “horror” themed room we’ve done because, essentially, Carole is a chicken. She was quite nervous about even entering the room, to be fair, because it was pitch black. But we soldiered on, armed with our phones with torches (totally allowed) and we pretty much got through the room unaided. It was a nice set up because we had to specifically ask for clues and, when you’re not being offered nudges via a screen every now and again, you do sort of just knuckle down and get on with it. The puzzles were all pretty intuitive. We just got stuck on one which was down to a small element of us not checking something properly (absolute bloody shocker, I know), and a bit of an issue with very, very hard to see writing.

That’s the one thing I would say about the Haunted House. The props in the room were “well-loved” as they like to say on Bargain Hunt. Which is to say battered, bent, torn, twisted, smudged and potentially indecipherable to varying degrees. I know from working at Stuck In The Riddle that we switch stuff out and replace it pretty much as soon as it starts to even have an air of “well-loved”-ness to it.  That’s not to say our stuff is perfect – we have a couple of written clues with painful typos on them (which, to be fair go unnoticed 90% of the time) which will get replaced once we get some new kit in.

But the stuff at MoviEscape was just tired.

It didn’t ruin our enjoyment of the game in the slightest, it was just a bit of a disappointment. I mean, you don’t expect to be juggling a Satanic goat skull because it’s no longer attached to its mount and has just been precariously balanced. Especially when the puzzle that it goes with so clearly implies you interact with the mounts to reveal the answer.

But hey, I didn’t drop it.

So that’s score one for me.

And Carole barely screamed once while we were in there. She’s getting braver…